Feed-in Tariff

Your FiT earnings are tax free, RPI linked (will rise in accordance with inflation), and your tariff rates are locked for the duration of the payment period, which is four times a year for twenty years.

You receive two sets of tariffs on the FiT scheme:

The Generation Tariff

You are paid for every single unit of electricity you generate, regardless of whether you use it or not. You’re essentially being paid by your energy provider to be a ‘micro-generator’ on the micro-generation certification scheme.

The Export Tariff

The export tariff for a system less than or equal to 4kW, is currently 4.91p per unit (kW) exported back to the national grid. This is the surplus electricity that your energy provider ‘buys back’ from you.

The industry standard is to assume that you will use half of the energy you generate, and export the other half back to the national grid. So even if you don’t export anything, you will still get paid! The savings in electricity the system makes you over twenty years are the final half of the FiT profit, so your total projected FiT earnings are FiT Income

(4 payments a year for 20 years) + Your Savings in Electricity = FiT Profit

The SAP calculation is based on the levels of light (insolation) falling on any given region in the UK. It takes into account the orientation of your roof, the shading if there is any, roof-incline and structure, as well as several other factors to produce an accurate generation figure for your system. This is then used to calculate the money your system will earn you over the course of the FiT

The south of the UK has the highest levels of insolation in the country comparable with Germany (the biggest user of solar in the world) and the south of France

To view the current FiT and Export Tariff rates Click Here

Registering on the FiT scheme

Once your system has been installed, it’s time to register on the FiT scheme. It is our job to add you to the MCS database, and then supply you with your installation pack including your MCS & EPC certificates, together with all other relevant paperwork required to register your system in the shortest time possible.

Following installation and receipt of your installation pack, you must contact your energy provider and/or obtain a FiT form from their website. Some FiT forms can be a little overwhelming, and we will always be on hand to help you with any questions, or even assist you all the way should you need us to.

Page last updated 14/12/2016

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